The Purpose of High School Success by Pierce Brunson

The best thing you can do is get started on your journey. If you are not focused on your personal desires then you are not on your journey, you are just on a journey. Your personal desires can be numerous but you must be able to focus and accomplish the things you desire while you have the time. The purpose of having high school success is to jump start your life while you have daily support from peers, educators and mentors that are focused on helping you. Once you leave the high school arena finding the right people for help gets immediately tougher and more expensive.

Video: Pierce Brunson and the Learning Curve

My purpose is to provide great information that will help support the success expectations your teachers and coaches have for you.  I do not reprogram but I help students understand what their greatest desires are and show them how to direct more of the right energies in that direction.

In my talks and seminars I promise the following.

1. To help generate great ideas for students to find their true purpose in life.
2. To be honest with the sacrifices that certain goals will require (beyond academic).
3. To answer questions honestly, taking into account the position of the person asking.
4. To be as funny and lighthearted as possible since your passion in life is important.
5. To help you understand that I don’t know if you can do it or not, that is up to you.
6. To help everyone realize that your passion may not lead to riches or streets lined with gold but will serve you and your community better.
7. To leave politics and religion outside of all seminars. I expect that everyone to do that as well.
8.  To respect the craziest ideas as if they were my own crazy ideas.

Thank you.  I look forward to meeting you at a seminar soon.


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