Education Success: Thinking and Believing

High school is one of the most important times in your life because it is the last time you will be around so many people, students, and teachers, who have a desire to see you succeed. There is something special about the high school teacher’s focus and energy level that help so many students continue the fight to graduation. As a high school student, you may not fully understand this excellent opportunity for you to get your mind right for your journey ahead. Your journey to your successful lifestyle will consist of two important elements that have to do with your brain: thinking and believing. They are definitely connected and important to each other, but one can’t be accomplished without the other being developed the right way.

Thinking is simple; it is the thoughts that come and go in your head on a daily basis. Many people don’t pay too much attention to these thoughts, and deem most of them harmless, but are they? Your thoughts have the power to shape your future over a long period of time, and play host to your fears, dreams, and realities. I believe that when you think a thought, a bit of that thought stays with you and works to affect your mood and attitude. This is great for those who send a high percentage of positive thoughts through their mind daily, but what about the negative thoughts? The negative thoughts have the same impact.

I believe that thoughts are neither good nor bad. I believe, as humans, we get to interpret them in the way needed for our survival. There are many people okay with stealing, however, a high percent of the population would see the thought of stealing as negative. The reality standpoint is that it only matters from your position in life. There are hundreds of scenarios where the average person could be asked, “When would you be for, or against, stealing?” The idea is to see your thoughts as neutral until you decide your desires in life.  When you decide your desires, you will see a change in your thought processes.

As a teacher, I would normally say (which is still true) when the student decides to do the right thing nothing will stop them, including the teachers they thought hated them. Before this thinking point, most students would let the teacher they thought hated them fail them, thinking it was the teacher’s fault. How many times do we blame others for our bad thinking and shortcomings?

Here is the key to understanding the power of your thoughts: Always know you are in control of what you think you can do. As the quote goes, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right.”

I believe high school should be a time when students get their thinking so positive that the best actions can’t help but follow. I know high school kids are very optimistic about the future; the curse of the real world negativity hasn’t beaten them down. In order to do this properly, we have to see how thoughts affect our belief system.

If you take stock in the world around you, unless you live in a bubble off the grid, there is a very good chance you are inundated with materialism and norms pushed on you by others. When it is time for a student to decide what is important, most will get an education to get a job, though they may feel other ways are better for them on the inside. This is where the conflict arises in many students, but they fold to the pressure of the constant thoughts surrounding them. If your school is pushing for you to go to college, and you really want to start a business, you may still go to college because of the thoughts that favor it. The best way to combat the thoughts that don’t fit your desires is to know what you think will soon affect your beliefs, which then will affect your actions.

Knowing this will help you guard your thoughts so you can make the right actions that fit your desires. Going to college may be someone else’s belief, and you will have to deal with why you may or may not attend. The reality is that you will have to deal anyway, so better to do it early.

By understanding that your thinking affects your believing, you will start to realize you are 100% responsible for your actions. Your thoughts are all your own, and if your thoughts directly affect your beliefs, you have to be responsible for what you think. The moment you blame someone else for your shortcomings, you must be under the mind control of them. If this is the case, you have to be enslaved by them. If you are not enslaved by them, you can think freely. If you can think freely about your desires, you can shape your beliefs to attain those desires. This means your thoughts are all your own. Make sure you are training your brain to think positive and realistic thoughts; it will affect your actions and all of your accomplishments.

By understanding that thinking affects your believing, you will understand the power of positive thinking. What better way to remove most of the negative thoughts you let cross your mind than to know that they will mount up and cost you one day? I am not asking you to go around and be happy when it is time to be sad, or be some creepy, happy person. I am asking you to stop allowing small things to become a negative thought. Some days when I am on social media, there are people that seem to start their day with negative thoughts and it goes from there. They find a way to “lightly” complain about everything; they live in a big city and complain about traffic, the weather is too hot, cold, or wet. They woke up tired and only want to sleep. Or, my favorite, “I wish this day would end!” There is nothing wrong with those statements if you want your brain to do extra work and think your way out of your forced doldrums. If you want to have better days, start them by enjoying waking up, accepting the opportunity to do great things during the day, and think a positive thought to get your day started. Even if your day starts off on the negative side, find a way to turn it around with the right thoughts. These positive thoughts will fuel the belief that you are going to have a good day, that you deserve to have a good day, and at the end of this day, you will say it was good. If your thoughts influence your beliefs, you should be very careful thinking, “Hey, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” Positive thinking will help reinforce the beliefs you want to live by. A great attitude will help you to act in the ways needed, and you will see fewer and fewer bad days.

The above information is from the book Work Ethic: The Right Actions to Create a Successful Lifestyle by Pierce Brunson

It isn’t what you say, it’s what you do that will create the life you want. The high school years are a great time for students to build valuable and rewarding action characteristics to increase self-esteem and deliver results. While enjoying these years, students should be developing the right mindset to achieve the success they desire in the future. In order for success to happen, for students to have that lifestyle they often speak of wanting, they must become adults with a solid, results-based work ethic. Wasting these four years can’t be a part of the plan. By using their time in high school to build the right actions for a successful lifestyle, students can ensure themselves a bright future, no matter the obstacles they will encounter. Work Ethic is for the high school student expecting to live life successfully, and is willing to do the right growth actions to shape a lifestyle of fulfillment, fun, and results.

Pierce Brunson , M.Ed., is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, and spends his time working as a mentor and speaker while developing businesses that help improve the high school experience for students and teachers. He has over a decade of experience teaching in the public school system as a high school Social Studies teacher, majoring in World History and Sociology. Pierce believes everyone can do more to help improve the education system in their local communities, which is part of the backbone of any society. Pierce’s advice is simple: stop complaining and do something to help improve the situation. Good people have to stop being afraid to fight for what they believe in. Get in the game, help others, share culture and move the world toward equality and justice. Connect with Pierce at,, and

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If God Is Directing You, Why Do You Hesitate?

Since you are up at 3am pondering your life, think about this.

There are many things that make me stop and ponder where a person is coming from when they post religious things on social media. I often wonder if they really believe the statement or are they just whistling Dixie?

My problems with religion stem from a fractured upbringing of truth, intolerance, do as I say and not as I do, and the old “oh I fucked up? I am just a sinner saved by grace” as one rides off to their mansion in a luxury car damn near driving over the poor that believed their leadership was genuine. Yes, negative experiences have shaped my thoughts.  I also struggle with the difficult to understand religious rhetoric that requires deep study time. I do ask, why can’t being close to God be simple? This is my struggle, this is my issue with God and my lack of faith.

However, you are not me. You are not a person that knows they are a child of God. I don’t really know that. But before you pray for me I am asking you a question about your statement on Facebook where you believe that God does (insert generic meme phrase here).

I ask you why, with all the faith you know you have and that powerful God you serve, why do you hesitate when you know that you have been called to do something? Why do you hesitate starting that business, helping someone or living that passion filled life when you believe that God is telling you to?

Why won’t you risk being broke for a little while, being laughed at, being ridiculed and struggling with fear if you have God on your side? Why continue to post the verbiage but act in ways nowhere near the faith you claim? What are you waiting for?

No need to pray for me. I admit that I don’t know what tha hell God wants from me. I got tired of struggling to figure out what the deal was and just let my heart guide me. No, I don’t read the bible for guidance, I just use my heart and the years of experience that says, “fucking with other people is bad.”

I wonder daily if there could be an easier way but maybe the way is just acting on what is in our hearts until that is fulfilled and then doing the next thing.

I think that acting on heartfelt passion is the only way to live. My last two years I have done nothing but act on heartfelt passion. It is tiring, strange, scary lonely, frustrating, and financially destructive at times. To this date life isn’t perfect, it could be a lot better, but I know I am working from my heart.

I wish I had your confidence in God to post a Facebook meme and then go back to living a life that has little representation that God exists. I feel that sometimes the only thing that really shows me God may be real is the blade of grass that somehow pokes up through asphalt. I mean damn, you have to have a powerful God on your side to be able to find a way to live when the first portion of your life involves no water, no light, and a hard unnatural substance to break through.

I admit I struggle, but I should since I don’t believe in the all-powerful God you do. I should since I don’t have that type of faith. I should have sleepless nights since I don’t believe in the God that makes it better just by saying his name.

My question is, why do you hesitate…when you have God?

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Taking Action to Get Your Desires

Chapter 6: Take Action on Your Desired Direction

There isn’t a student or person that doesn’t want to find their desired direction in life. I can’t explain why some people just know when others don’t, but what I can say is that everyone has something they really want to accomplish or achieve. I really believe that every person has a purpose to follow while they are here on this earth. This could just be the teacher inside my heart talking, but there hasn’t been one student that I didn’t want to find their purpose in life. I know that when students do find their purpose, they will work harder and be more focused than ever. They will smile more and be better citizens. They will help others and share their knowledge. The good thing about every person finding their passion is that your community and world are rewarded by your presence.

Depending on the personal factors of health and abilities, every student has about 55- 80 hours per week to work, study, develop interests, and get involved in other commitments. This is a lot of time and we can get many major things accomplished if we use this time in focused action. A major portion of this time should be used to act on your desired direction. You may not know exactly what you want, but you do have some idea of the big picture. That is where your actions start. What are the big picture things you want to accomplish? Once you have an idea of those things, you can now start to ask more specific questions.


How do you get to where you want to be when the path is foggy and the big picture is so far away? Well, if you know your big picture involves you being successful, then you need to act in certain ways during the path of the voyage that you can see. One of the major mistakes I made in high school was believing that I could just turn the success on and off when needed. That isn’t always the case. No one makes it through life without some intense sacrifice if they really want to accomplish something. If you feel that you may want to accomplish something, then you have to start to add a few things to your life that will benefit you no matter where you are on the path.

By acting on your desired direction, you prepare yourself to always act in your best interest toward success. This doesn’t mean that you never help others or lose respect for those around you, but it means that your mission is so important that it will lead you to helping more people as you achieve your personal goals. Some students tend to get stuck on the wrong actions. They are good at doing the actions that take them further away from what they really desire for their lives.  How many times have you decided to get involved in an action that you knew was taking you away from the path you really wanted?  Without trying so hard to be perfect, it is time to get on the track where your actions are moving you toward your desired life goals. As you ad this characteristic to your daily routine you will see that your successes aren’t as hard, or as far away, as they seem.

This is a part of a chapter from my book Learning Curve: How to Prepare For Success When You Don’t Know Where Your Life Is Going by Pierce Brunson. Every Monday and Thursday for the next 12 weeks I will share parts of the book starting today 3/17/2014.  The next shares will come from my new book Rock The Crowd (Wednesday/ Friday Schedule starting 4/21/2014), a book that helps teachers give the best performances of their life as they teach their students.

Learning Curve: How To Prepare for Success When You Don’t Know Where Your Life Is Going is dedicated to helping the high school student that desires success in life but doesn’t know exactly what they want to do or how to do it.  During this confusing and stressful time most students just pick a college major or get a job and just hope things work out. Well, that strategy is terrible!  The best strategy includes learning and adding the characteristics in this book to one’s personality so that as the right opportunities come along the student can take hold of them.  Learning Curve is the jumpstart information that helps teens prevent a lifetime of wishing, “if only someone would have told me”, once valuable opportunities have gone away.

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