Being Aware of the Journey

After my writing session tonight I felt like I had a few words left in the tank so I wanted to blog. I believe the hardest thing about leaving the classroom for this writing and photography lifestyle is that I never realized how much I could control in my life. In one year, since I realize that I really wasn’t going back to the classroom I have expanded my business, acquired a job teaching photography at the local college and published two books…all while working to keep the lights on and the phone activated.

The few things I learned are:

  1. Times moves slow when you are looking at the clock but moves fast when you look at a calendar.
  2. When moving into a new lifestyle you have to be fully committed and all in or your new venture is just a hobby.
  3. Not everyone will follow your dream, including the ones that say they love you the most.
  4. The entrepreneurial lifestyle can be lonely, very lonely at the beginning.
  5. One person and their talent can open up a new world of possibilities.
  6. Lifestyle goals are important.
  7. Exercise is a lifestyle.
  8. Eating right is a lifestyle.
  9. I’m not 20 anymore and I can’t go all night, I need rest.
  10. I am very dedicated to making my ventures successful.

That is all for the night.