All Things Great at Book Launch

When I wrote and published my first book the feeling was awesome. It was such a good feeling what within 6 weeks I had published my second book. The publishing of a book is such a daunting task and it challenges the soul deliver something permanent to the world that people can love or hate. Publishing a book of your words and thoughts can be frightening. Just as many people that say to me they want to write a book have been the same amount of people that are too afraid to do it. Everyone has fears about writing and publishing a book but mine were put to rest by Tara Richter ( and her system for publishing aspiring writers in 4 weeks.

Here is a review of the event:

My results were typical of anyone that works with her. By the end of the writing seminar my book was ready to be shipped to me. I must admit that her process is faster than 4 weeks. I only took 5 seminar days to have my book ready for print and ship. From that completion date it took 8 days to get my books in hand. That was a great day for me.

My Books:
Author: Rock The Crowd: How The Cool Teachers Inspire More Students, Earn More Respect, and Become Lifelong Mentors.

Author: Learning Curve, How to Prepare for Success When You Don’t Know Where Your Life Is Going

Learning Curve Video:

Meeting Tara and learning this system has dramatically changed my life for the better. She has taught me a system that inspires me to continue to write books for the audience I desire to reach. I am focused on delivering a total of 5 books by April 2015 for my high school audience. I enjoy working with Tara on book projects because she knows how to get your words into print. Tara Richter is just awesome to work with. I am glad I took her seminar.



The Face of Failure, Welcome to Entrepreneurship!

What does the face of failure look like? There are many business books that tend to just wash over failures and up until this point I hadn’t had any. With Firefly we have retained every customer and were excited to start our new division. But what happens when you majorly fail on a big opportunity. Of course people would say, pick yourself up and move on but what does the emotion of the entrepreneur look like? What are the immediate feelings? How does one move on when all you want to do is bury your head in the sand? How do you feel like improving when the wound of failure is so fresh?

The list of feelings:
I want to quit, no one will ever trust me again, I guess I will give up on taking sports photos. give me my old job back, tha hell?, you should just give up on the dream, successful people never had it this hard, how embarrassing, when will I have the success I desire? tha hellx2, and so on.

All the positive Facebook and Instagram MEMES in the world won’t help right now. This is me and I hope I never have to do another video like this again.

I guess we will see how I rebound to make it better.

Right now I don’t know but watch the video and I will keep you updated.

Video Link: