SEO Explained in Great Detail

This is one of the best articles that explains SEO that I have found.  Why? Well, it makes it simple and gets right to the point of what I need and how to accomplish it through my website.  As of yesterday I had a person call me for a photography job because they searched google maps and I was in the area and came up first.  Very interesting since there are a ton of photographers in my area but there had to be a key word that locked us together.  Well, the session was booked and that is money coming my way.

Being able to check your SEO on your website and know who you are trying to connect to is like having a great errand list.  Get the day in order so that you can accomplish things in less time.  SEO helps you connect to customers, readers, and fans faster so that you can get to the task of engaging with those that want to engage with you. Check out the article and see if it helps you connect to those that want to connect to you.

Any other SEO tips they missed? Share with me.


My Short Visit With an Old, Destructive Friend

ill take it from hereToday I visited an old friend from my past.  I decided to visit this person because of all the frustrations that have built up over the last four years where I took on the responsibilities for another person and it burned me.  I should have known that taking on another’s responsibly is never a good thing.  It doesn’t help me or the other person.  It doesn’t help me because I am doing things that don’t help me grow in the ways I need and it doesn’t help the other person because I am taking away their growth experience.

The person I visited I haven’t allowed to an influence in my life in about 7 years.  They were a destructive, but fun part of my life that I had to leave behind to move toward the things I really wanted.  That person is my alter ego.  My alter ego is a dick and just does things to be a dick.  I know they are always there for me when I need someone to be a dick but I don’t allow them in my life, well not until last night.  I have avoided them but in the last few weeks the frustrations have just been too much and “alter ego” has decided to help me teach someone a lesson.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my alter ego.  They help me do other things but I don’t visit them enough to allow them to take over my attitude.  I learned a long time ago that they were destructive and had a mean streak.  Since our last life attitude visit, I have been happier in my life and know my real desires.

I love being a father, husband, writer, entrepreneur, photographer and all around cool person.  Well when old Alter shows up I don’t have the concentration needed to be successful.

I like people in my life that empower me and I have to continue to connect to those people, even if it means giving up those people or alter egos that I like.

I have such a good relationship with Alter that it now asks if I am sure that I want to visit him.  Funny even the most hateful side of me know I am more productive without him in my life.

This morning I learned something more about myself.  I am happy.  I like where I am going but I do need people that can push me and help me improve.  Though I have never had a real life mentor I have been able to get a ton of positive information from books, videos, audio and internet sources.

I also learned that I have to focus on my thing and help others along but not do it for them.  That takes too much energy.

I know what is right for me and even though I had a nice visit again with Alter a few hours ago we both know that our life will be better if we part ways before someone gets hurt.  That someone will be me because the wrong attitude will only help me to miss the opportunities I desire.

My advice to myself.

  1. You found a way! Let others do the same.
  2. Help, but don’t parent adults.
  3. Remember your desires in life.  Don’t let someone get in the way.
  4. Also know that I can be a burden to others. Continue to work on self.


Rock The Crowd!

Rock the Crowd

How The Cool Teachers Inspire More Students, Earn More Respect, and Become Lifelong Mentors.

Is there anything better for students then being in the class of the cool teacher?  When it comes to being a student and being forced to attend school there is nothing better. How do these popular teachers continue to be the sparkle in the eyes of so many children while there are others that can’t get them to pay attention.  Rock The Crowd shares the methods of those teachers that are considered cool by students while maintaining the best relationships for valuable learning to take place.  For the “cool teacher” the front of their classroom is their stage and every day, for hours they give the greatest performance their students have seen to date.  The crowd rocker teaches with passion and convictions that inspire real student connections with that last a lifetime.  This connection helps the student to focus on learning and understanding the importance of having a quality education. These teachers are popular year after year while other teachers are struggling to relate to students.  In Rock the Crowd, I share all the things that cool teachers do that make them so successful in working with and producing successful and long lasting results.

Pierce Brunson’s education includes Lynch Elementary, Meadowlawn Middle, Gibbs Senior High School (and the Pinellas County Center for the Arts) in St. Petersburg, FL Temple University in Philadelphia  and Wilmington University in Delaware.  He has 13 years teaching in the public school system as a high school Social Studies teacher majoring in World History and Sociology.  As a teacher, Pierce had a natural gift to rock the crowd and everyday he knew the power of taking the stage in front of students and their moldable minds.  Being a natural leech for ideas that work, Pierce started to use the techniques of other campus crowd rockers to greatly improve his teaching techniques.  In 2012 Pierce stepped away from the classroom to pursue the personal challenge of positively affecting 10,000+ students a year with Firefly Event Photography, his company that captures images that reflect the personality of high school students at their homecomings, proms, and graduations.  The second part of his life involves developing content that helps high school students grow the best skills possible to follow their personal path to success.  Anytime Pierce has the opportunity to speak to teachers or students he is only thinking of one thing before he starts…Rock the Crowd!