Speaking Topics

Use this list to add information to your request form.  This list is based on chapters from all of my my published books.

Learning Curve:

  1. The Values of Learning
  2. Improve Reading and Comprehension Skills
  3. What’s The Cost: Understanding Your Resources
  4. Act On Your Desired Direction
  5. Team Build
  6. Learn to Pivot
  7. Go Sightseeing
  8. Share Your Dreams
  9. Ask (The Right People)
  10. Develop Resiliency
  11. Learn from Failures
  12. Expect Greatness
  13. Stay Balanced and Press Forward
  14. No Magic Wand
  15. Final Tip: Get Stuff Done!

Work Ethic

  1. Decide Now
  2. Plan to Win
  3. Prepare for Tomorrow, Today
  4. Wake Up Ready to Succeed
  5. Thinking Greatness
  6. Go and Get It
  7. Work Smarter
  8. Two Minutes
  9. Push Beyond
  10. Get Over Your Demons
  11. Do It Alone, If Needed
  12. Let the Right People Help You
  13. True Grit
  14. Live Outside Your Comfort Zone
  15. Thinking vs. Believing
  16. Risk It All
  17. Life Allows Multiple Winners
  18. Expect Greatness
  19. Get Money

Rock The Crowd

  1. Measuring Up
  2. How Do They Do It?
  3. Who Are You?
  4. Enjoying Self
  5. Hardcore Discipline
  6. They Live It
  7. There is Life Outside of the Classroom
  8. Passion Bleeds from Them
  9. They Rock the Crowd
  10. Can’t Be Rattled
  11. They Know Why
  12. Emotion at the Door
  13. Every Day is a New Day
  14. Love Who You Are
  15. Put It in Writing
  16. Can’t Fake it
  17. You Can Do It
  18. Stay in Your Lane
  19. Get Help!
  20. Go and Teach!

Writing/ Publishing your thoughts for your audience.


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