Reap by Pierce Brunson

Reap Logo by Pierce Brunson Reap is my new book that is in development.  It will be published by 2/2015.  This will be my last publication for sometime as I will focus my efforts on getting this book in as many hands as possible. Reap is a process book that is for the general audience, not just high school students.

Reap will be a quick read that will cause some real deep thinking on the reader’s part.  Check here for updates.  Chapter blogs will start December 22, 2014.

Chapter List

  1. The Concept of “Success”
  2. The Law of Sowing and Reaping
  3. The Soil
  4. The Seed
  5. The Fertilizer
  6. The Sun
  7. The Water
  8. The Seasons
  9. The Crop
  10. The Reap
  11. The Natural Disasters
  12. Final Words

Reap by Pierce Brunson publish date 2/2015.


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