My Favorite Stuff

How do I explain my personality without a list of things I like.  Take from it what you will.

1. My Life: It really is cool and getting better everyday I push through the fear.

2. My Wife and Kids:  We are working hard to create our better world.

2A.  My company Firefly Event Photography.  I love the impact we have on the lives and wallets of our student and parent customers.

3. Snickers bars.

3A. All things Temple University and my time in Philly.

4. Rooting for the University of Miami

5. My Friends

6. Vibram Five Fingers. Man I just love these shoes!

7. Orlando Vacations

8. Colorado Vacations

9. Technology

10. Learning a new camera trick and being able to execute it out in the field.

11. Putting up a Facebook post that gets a lot of likes.

12. Ribs!

13.  Swimming.  I love going in the pool on a hot day.




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