FYI, Hire the Best (and Get Good and Finding the Best)

Hire the Best!

As a person that owns a photography company I have found that I have been living a lie that has taken its toll on my life and probably soon my business. You see, I like to do shit myself. I have this odd fascination with the fallacy that no one can do it better than I can. My actions also help keep this false atmosphere around me and change needs to happen if I am going to reach my goal. So here are my personal dealings.

  1. I can do it all by myself: Well I am over that one, and have been for a while but the theory keeps haunting me because…
  2. I don’t hire the right people. I like to give those that will disappoint me a chance. Why? Because I have this need to do it all and this is the only way I can prove that I can do it all. Feel me?
  3. People must prove themselves, just like I have to. Nothing worse than having a standard then hiring someone that can’t help you achieve it. This is a killer of small business.
  4. But I can will a person into being better: No I can’t and you can’t either. It is a complete waste of energy to fight with working age people over how great they can be it they only… To me I have done this too many times for people that, once fired, didn’t do much more with any other opportunity.

As you can see this blog isn’t really for you because you are doing well with all of this. It is a reminder to me that my company is my opportunity to be great and we will only be great if I know what greatness is when hiring.

What can I do better?

  1. Give opportunity to shine but dump the garbage before it stinks up the whole house.
  2. Let people know of their trial (I have done this before and continue to do so)
  3. Stick with the trial rules.
  4. Train more before giving trial. We have videos now so we are moving in the right direction.
  5. Look for people that raise their own bar.
  6. Let go and realize I can’t do it all.

What are my consequences for not doing this well?

  1. Burnout (Fighting this now)
  2. Financial ruin
  3. Failed business due to #1.
  4. Not helping the people I believe I want to help.
  5. Not letting other grow.
  6. Not letting myself grow.
  7. Loss of all the things I desire to accomplish.

We will see what the coming weeks bring. It should be interesting.

Want to see the inspiration for this change? Check out this and the article

What Amazing Employees Do.

Enjoy. Leave a comment. Follow.


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