Thinking Greatness for High School Students

Most of your personal setbacks will not be because of someone else, they will be because of you.   There are many tragedies people must face in life, but rarely are they enough to actually hold anyone back in life. Rather, it comes down to your mindset and the thoughts that move through your head.

What would happen to your actions if you changed your negative thoughts to ones that embraced you having the best possible version of your life? What would your life look like if you believed you could be great at something? How hard would you study if you knew you could achieve millionaire status in your desired area of occupation? How would you treat people if you knew the key to guaranteeing a great life? What would you do if you knew all the answers? Unfortunately, no one knows all the answers. No one knows if they will ever achieve great things, but what a difference believing makes. What a difference thinking you can be great makes. I don’t believe people think about greatness enough. I think becoming great at something scares people into not acting on even the simplest desires of the heart. The key to your success will be believing you can achieve what you set out to do. But in order to attain this, you need to start with a thought. You have to think you are going to be great at something. Becoming great at anything makes you an expert while positively influencing others. Our society needs great people because they inspire others; too many bad people and their influence work the same way. Too many lazy people, and you get the same thing: a group of people feeling entitled to be handed everything. Schools now have shifted, and students are becoming lost as to how to achieve greatness in their lives. It all starts with thinking greatness and letting your actions follow.

By thinking greatness, you allow others to enjoy your success and, ultimately, inspire others to greatness. When you listen to people who have achieved success, they always speak of a person who inspired them. This is a great time to pay attention to those that are sharing information of their success. Very few people just arrive at success without being inspired by someone who came before them in the same field. Often, people can be inspired by others outside their field, and use their words of inspiration to continually motivate them toward success. I love watching sports, and some of the people that inspire me are athletes that have become business people after their athletic career was over. I think it is pretty cool they were able to adjust to a different world and achieve success differently. Others that inspire me are entrepreneurs who build businesses from the ground up, sell it off, and do it again. It seems like they have the Midas touch. Their success definitely inspires me to work every day on myself so I can one day achieve my desired success, and become an inspiration to others.

How many people inspire you to push and follow in their footsteps? Who do you enjoy listening to, or see performing to the point where their actions inspire your actions? Those are the people you should strive to be like. If we all followed in the footsteps of good people, the world would take care of itself. People would do the work of greatness, and work to share their positive actions with others.

Work Ethic: The Right Actions to Create a Successful Lifestyle

It isn’t what you say, it’s what you do that will create the life you want. The high school years are a great time for students to build valuable and rewarding action characteristics to increase self-esteem and deliver results. While enjoying these years, students should be developing the right mindset to achieve the success they desire in the future. In order for success to happen, for students to have that lifestyle they often speak of wanting, they must become adults with a solid, results-based work ethic. Wasting these four years can’t be a part of the plan. By using their time in high school to build the right actions for a successful lifestyle, students can ensure themselves a bright future, no matter the obstacles they will encounter. Work Ethic is for the high school student expecting to live life successfully, and is willing to do the right growth actions to shape a lifestyle of fulfillment, fun, and results.

Pierce Brunson , M.Ed., is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, and spends his time working as a mentor and speaker while developing businesses that help improve the high school experience for students and teachers. He has over a decade of experience teaching in the public school system as a high school Social Studies teacher, majoring in World History and Sociology. Pierce believes everyone can do more to help improve the education system in their local communities, which is part of the backbone of any society. Pierce’s advice is simple: stop complaining and do something to help improve the situation. Good people have to stop being afraid to fight for what they believe in. Get in the game, help others, share culture and move the world toward equality and justice. Connect with Pierce at,, and

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