If God Is Directing You, Why Do You Hesitate?

Since you are up at 3am pondering your life, think about this.

There are many things that make me stop and ponder where a person is coming from when they post religious things on social media. I often wonder if they really believe the statement or are they just whistling Dixie?

My problems with religion stem from a fractured upbringing of truth, intolerance, do as I say and not as I do, and the old “oh I fucked up? I am just a sinner saved by grace” as one rides off to their mansion in a luxury car damn near driving over the poor that believed their leadership was genuine. Yes, negative experiences have shaped my thoughts.  I also struggle with the difficult to understand religious rhetoric that requires deep study time. I do ask, why can’t being close to God be simple? This is my struggle, this is my issue with God and my lack of faith.

However, you are not me. You are not a person that knows they are a child of God. I don’t really know that. But before you pray for me I am asking you a question about your statement on Facebook where you believe that God does (insert generic meme phrase here).

I ask you why, with all the faith you know you have and that powerful God you serve, why do you hesitate when you know that you have been called to do something? Why do you hesitate starting that business, helping someone or living that passion filled life when you believe that God is telling you to?

Why won’t you risk being broke for a little while, being laughed at, being ridiculed and struggling with fear if you have God on your side? Why continue to post the verbiage but act in ways nowhere near the faith you claim? What are you waiting for?

No need to pray for me. I admit that I don’t know what tha hell God wants from me. I got tired of struggling to figure out what the deal was and just let my heart guide me. No, I don’t read the bible for guidance, I just use my heart and the years of experience that says, “fucking with other people is bad.”

I wonder daily if there could be an easier way but maybe the way is just acting on what is in our hearts until that is fulfilled and then doing the next thing.

I think that acting on heartfelt passion is the only way to live. My last two years I have done nothing but act on heartfelt passion. It is tiring, strange, scary lonely, frustrating, and financially destructive at times. To this date life isn’t perfect, it could be a lot better, but I know I am working from my heart.

I wish I had your confidence in God to post a Facebook meme and then go back to living a life that has little representation that God exists. I feel that sometimes the only thing that really shows me God may be real is the blade of grass that somehow pokes up through asphalt. I mean damn, you have to have a powerful God on your side to be able to find a way to live when the first portion of your life involves no water, no light, and a hard unnatural substance to break through.

I admit I struggle, but I should since I don’t believe in the all-powerful God you do. I should since I don’t have that type of faith. I should have sleepless nights since I don’t believe in the God that makes it better just by saying his name.

My question is, why do you hesitate…when you have God?

Leave remarks below, this should be interesting.




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