Wake Up Ready to Succeed

Expectations are crucial when it comes to how your day is going to go. Many people think so poorly of their day before they have even have breakfast. How do you get out of bed in the morning? Are you up and ready to go? Do you tell yourself you aren’t a morning person? Do you need to get up earlier to get motivated? No matter the time you awake, you should always rise knowing you will make a positive mark on the world. Many students wake up with negative thoughts about school and the possibilities of anything great happening. They are almost in shock that something good can come out of a day when they are forced to go to school and learn something they don’t like learning about. These students lack the understanding that the day is full of many types of possibilities, but having the mindset of positivity helps focus on the good that is happening, rather than the bad. If bad does happen, you now have an opportunity to make some good out of it. Most people don’t have tragic days. Tragedy is different, and out of your control. However, a positive attack on the day to accomplish your personal desires is always closer than you think.

By waking up ready to succeed, you have the opportunity to add more fun in your life. You see the world very differently, and are willing to put in the work to make your desires come true. There is nothing magical to it. By waking up ready to succeed, you develop an expectation that the day will move you closer to your goals. You will start to notice that many “smaller” issues stay small, and don’t become bigger, because the way you are dealing with them.

Wake up ready to succeed by taking 30 minutes the night before to prepare. Before you end your day, take a few minutes to think about the next day and its possibilities. I write down all the things I want to accomplish the next day on a small notepad. I wake up knowing that I have a great day planned, and if I accomplish many of the things on the list, then I will be continuing on my successful lifestyle journey. Don’t worry, there are plenty of days where the list is too long and the hours are too short. There are days when I complete the entire list, and there are the days when the list creates more things than I can do. The idea is to limit being busy doing things that don’t matter, and use your best energy to work on the things that do.

Creating a list isn’t about being perfect every day; it is about focusing your actions to create the life you desire. The list is directing your energy toward the things that will deliver the most return. The list can also be looked at, and changed, as you see fit.


Pierce Brunson http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00I10A3XK , M.Ed., is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, and spends his time working as a mentor and speaker while developing businesses that help improve the high school experience for students and teachers. He has over a decade of experience teaching in the public school system as a high school Social Studies teacher, majoring in World History and Sociology. Pierce believes everyone can do more to help improve the education system in their local communities, which is part of the backbone of any society. Pierce’s advice is simple: stop complaining and do something to help improve the situation. Good people have to stop being afraid to fight for what they believe in. Get in the game, help others, share culture and move the world toward equality and justice. Connect with Pierce at http://www.piercebrunson.com, http://www.fireflyeventphotography.com, and http://www.piercebrunsonphotography.com.

My Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/truthisnear17/videos




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