SEO Explained in Great Detail

This is one of the best articles that explains SEO that I have found.  Why? Well, it makes it simple and gets right to the point of what I need and how to accomplish it through my website.  As of yesterday I had a person call me for a photography job because they searched google maps and I was in the area and came up first.  Very interesting since there are a ton of photographers in my area but there had to be a key word that locked us together.  Well, the session was booked and that is money coming my way.

Being able to check your SEO on your website and know who you are trying to connect to is like having a great errand list.  Get the day in order so that you can accomplish things in less time.  SEO helps you connect to customers, readers, and fans faster so that you can get to the task of engaging with those that want to engage with you. Check out the article and see if it helps you connect to those that want to connect to you.

Any other SEO tips they missed? Share with me.


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