Work Ethic: The Goals

The Goals

As with all of my books, my main goal is to inspire those that work in the high schools, in the US, and beyond, to make those institutions of learning great. Not everyone can do what the high school teacher can do to inspire greatness in the minds of America’s youth. But those that do give it their all every day. This supports what your teachers are encouraging our youth to do so you will have a great life by your design. Work Ethic also inspires students to see success as a lifestyle commitment, rather than a goal. The lives of successful people are different than those that aren’t successful, or are in the beginning stages of change toward success. Keep working and making the changes needed to create your idea of a successful life.

Pierce Brunson, M.Ed., is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, and spends his time working as a mentor and speaker while developing businesses that help improve the high school experience for students and teachers. He has over a decade of experience teaching in the public school system as a high school Social Studies teacher, majoring in World History and Sociology. Pierce believes everyone can do more to help improve the education system in their local communities, which is part of the backbone of any society. Pierce’s advice is simple: stop complaining and do something to help improve the situation. Good people have to stop being afraid to fight for what they believe in. Get in the game, help others, share culture and move the world toward equality and justice. Connect with Pierce at,, and

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