The Learning Curve of Staying Balanced

Chapter 15: Staying Balanced and Pressing Forward

You will get broken because negative forces are so powerful. But you don’t have to stay broken. Get up and get going again and again. At one of my lowest points as a teacher, I went to at 4-star Orlando hotel and just sat in the pool for, literally, three days. Thank goodness for discount websites and the ability to extend it one more day, because I was a mess. I was broken. I knew the world of teaching that I loved dearly was one I needed to put in my rearview mirror if I wanted to have a chance at my personally defined greatness. There will be days, weeks, months where you are just bummed. You are human. Don’t stay there for long, and try your best to stick with the plan. Since that day, I have learned that a hotel with a pool is the cure for my blues.  Find the cure for your heavy blues. Going for it is difficult and gut wrenching. You are going to need that time to just sulk so you can move forward.

The best part about my sulking is that my family loves it because it means a vacation.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, and continue to press forward so that you will have some form of accomplishment when the sun is back shining in your life.

Here is a list of ways to stay balanced:

  1. Exercise (a brisk walk around the corner is a great way to take a much needed break).
  2. Spend time with family and friends (they may not understand where you are trying to go, but they are still some of your biggest supporters, hang with them for a while).
  3. Purchase something that adds to your happiness (nothing fancy, but if something small makes you feel a bit better then go for it).
  4. Go outside and get some sun (feeling that warmth on your face gives a new meaning to relaxation).
  5. Laugh (laughing to tears is another way to stay balanced on this road of twists and turns).

You should put a lot of effort into staying balanced. It is pretty much the only way to properly press forward on your road to your desired successes. Here are my reasons why you should enjoy a balanced life.

Staying balanced helps people enjoy your company. When we get out of whack, no one likes our company. We become rude, hateful, and are a burden on people that want to hang around us. Be careful to guard your energy and remain as balanced as possible. Earlier in my life, I went through that angry phase where I felt I was working hard, but nothing was panning out. I was a mess to deal with. I was disrespectful to a lot of people, and just an all-around ass. No matter how much of a grouch I became, the world around me continued to crumble until I was alone. Once I was alone for a few months, my anger grew until I was blaming everyone for my shortcomings. Then one day I was just wandering, and found an old book and went to a passage I marked. The passage reminded me that in spite of all that was bad around me, there was no need to take my anger out on others. Those words didn’t sink in until a few months later where I realized that I couldn’t just force things into existence and still be angry and hateful. I had to work on dealing with the many reasons (personal shortcomings) that were causing me to lash out. As I started to deal with my anger, I noticed that certain situations that would cause me to fume before were just bouncing off of me. I realized that the reason those things didn’t bother me was because I started to develop a bigger picture of what I wanted. At that time, I just didn’t want to be angry anymore. Success and a business were a far off thought.

Remember, all of this will take time and baby steps. You will make mistakes and fall back, but you can recover as long as you don’t do anything stupid. To avoid the real troubles of life, working on staying balanced with your big picture in mind will help light your path.

Staying balanced helps you refine the dream. When you work to stay balanced you don’t have to chase the dream so much. You just have to create, and do your thing, and the opportunities will find you. Writing a book is a daunting task, but my life balance is what helps me to enjoy four hours of writing down my thoughts. At times, the words just seem to flow, and when they stop flowing, I stop and move to something else for a brief moment in time.

This is a part of a chapter from my book Learning Curve: How to Prepare For Success When You Don’t Know Where Your Life Is Going by Pierce Brunson. Every Monday and Thursday for the next 12 weeks I will share parts of the book starting today 3/17/2014.  The next shares will come from my new book Rock The Crowd (Wednesday/ Friday Schedule starting 4/21/2014), a book that helps teachers give the best performances of their life as they teach their students.

Learning Curve: How To Prepare for Success When You Don’t Know Where Your Life Is Going is dedicated to helping the high school student that desires success in life but doesn’t know exactly what they want to do or how to do it.  During this confusing and stressful time most students just pick a college major or get a job and just hope things work out. Well, that strategy is terrible!  The best strategy includes learning and adding the characteristics in this book to one’s personality so that as the right opportunities come along the student can take hold of them.  Learning Curve is the jumpstart information that helps teens prevent a lifetime of wishing, “if only someone would have told me”, once valuable opportunities have gone away.

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