The Learning Curve of Expecting Greatness

Chapter 14: Expect Greatness

I know it is easy to expect good things when everything is going well.  It is easy to see your success when you are making great grades and such. But what happens when those things don’t lift the fog and you are still wondering if you are on the right path? What happens when you are doing all the right things, and your brain just isn’t producing any new thoughts? What happens when you have taken time off, worked the list, and so on? This is where you just have to have faith that you are on to something and your time will come. You have to expect greatness. I firmly believe this is the only way to live. By expecting greatness, you have a tendency to push really hard in that direction. Why get started on this path if you are going to be just another average person? Expect greatness as it relates to your goals and dreams. It is easy to get caught up in the person that has the yacht and nine-bedroom house. Don’t measure yourself against that guy unless you really want to put in that kind of effort. Everyone is built in different ways. Here is a list of reasons why you should expect and reach for greatness.

  1. Average sucks, no one writes about the average team, person, or accomplishment.
  2. You have a gift that will help humanity.
  3. You should become more than you though you ever could.
  4. You will inspire others by telling your story to them.

Honestly, I don’t know anyone with an average life that really likes it.  Everyone is trying to do something better, whether it be dropping a few pounds, or running a half marathon, no one wants that average life. I believe that it goes against the natural process of human beings.  Think of all the things we do and how we constantly look to improve upon the average of those things. Look at all the companies that spark a new trend by taking the average and making them extraordinary. Starbucks took an average cup of coffee and made it so much better that even non-coffee drinkers, like myself, have had coffee there. That is what taking average and making it better can do. With my business, Firefly, we take the average homecoming, prom, and graduation photo and make it fun, amazing, and memorable.

Now this is where it gets tricky; to each their own. Someone may look at my life as boring because my passion falls in a certain field. It doesn’t matter what the next person says, it matters what you are saying about your life. If you think it is average, then it probably is and this may irk you on your road to success. You also may know that your life isn’t average, but aren’t willing to jump out of an airplane to experience skydiving. Always remember, you are the only person that knows if you are living that average life. You can lie to others, but you can’t lie to yourself. Admittedly, my average life was in the classroom because there was this push in my heart to do more. If you have that push, and you now ignore it, then you are living that average life. I really feel that if I didn’t take the chance and leave the classroom, I wouldn’t be writing this book that you are reading. I think my life now is above average, and I get to challenge myself to do the things I really desire. Now, writers like Stephen King may look at my writings and say, “rookie” because he has written so much. That is ok. The key is that I am working on my above average life according to what is important to me.

I really believe that this book and the series that is planned will help students all over the world. I could never do that from my classroom.  No matter how much time on the Internet, I wouldn’t have been able to put into words what I feel is important without taking a step outside.  With that risk, came the understanding that my words and passion that I used in the classroom for years now gets to be out all over the world. My focus going into teaching was to help as many students as I could. Now, with technology, that isn’t just limited to the classroom, but now I can develop a worldwide audience with my writings. My gift is helping and teaching.  Probably helping more than anything else, but I know now I am giving back to humanity in the way I feel is very important to me, and that gives me all the energy I need to write each word and get this book completed on time.

This is a part of a chapter from my book Learning Curve: How to Prepare For Success When You Don’t Know Where Your Life Is Going by Pierce Brunson. Every Monday and Thursday for the next 12 weeks I will share parts of the book starting today 3/17/2014.  The next shares will come from my new book Rock The Crowd (Wednesday/ Friday Schedule starting 4/21/2014), a book that helps teachers give the best performances of their life as they teach their students.

Learning Curve: How To Prepare for Success When You Don’t Know Where Your Life Is Going is dedicated to helping the high school student that desires success in life but doesn’t know exactly what they want to do or how to do it.  During this confusing and stressful time most students just pick a college major or get a job and just hope things work out. Well, that strategy is terrible!  The best strategy includes learning and adding the characteristics in this book to one’s personality so that as the right opportunities come along the student can take hold of them.  Learning Curve is the jumpstart information that helps teens prevent a lifetime of wishing, “if only someone would have told me”, once valuable opportunities have gone away.

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