Share Your Dreams for Success Inspiration

Chapter 10: Share Your Dreams

Share your dreams! Tell someone about all the things you desire to accomplish. Speak to teachers and counselors about all the things you want to take from a dream to a reality.

Here is a list of reasons why sharing your dream is important:

  1. You start to take responsibility for what you speak.
  2. You can see other’s reactions for your idea.
  3. You get criticism or support.
  4. You get over the fear of it being impossible.
  5. Your journey is starting to become a reality.

When I work with students we start by speaking our dreams.  As a coach, I would find out over time what type of player I really had on my teams. I could always tell if we would be successful or not by the way they would talk. Confident talk is important, and at times impressive, but the real words come after the statements of “confidence.” It is easy to just spout a goal as everyone is spouting, I have been there as a high school and college student, but as I started to speak of my real dreams of helping more than 100,000 high school students per year with my various entities, I started to get different looks. Those looks seemed to be attached to the following statements:

  1. Well, how are you going to do that?
  2. How are you going to get paid?
  3. The system is too corrupt; you will never make it.
  4. Good luck (sarcastic tone).
  5. Yeah, you would be good at that (dismissive tone).
  6. Yeah, but teaching is a steady paycheck.

As you can see, there were many that were not onboard with what I desired to do with my life once I could put it into words. You may experience some of this also. If you aren’t, then you may not be challenging yourself enough. There is a silver lining in criticism.

As I continued to speak my dream to others, I found out that some were starting to be receptive to what I was dedicated to working on. I found this list of results as I continued to share my dream with many people.

I was able to refine and stick to my desired purpose. As I would speak to many different people, I noticed that some would ask how it was going.  They would ask questions that made me think deeper about my general goal and direction. The best part is that many would offer some ideas that helped me to move down my path faster. They didn’t become teammates, but for that brief moment they were focused on sharing an idea that may help. At times, I had to be cautious because there would be ideas people were giving that didn’t quite fit what I desired. By knowing exactly where you want to go you can talk of your dreams, but also know when you should pivot toward or away from an idea.


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