Go Sightseeing for Success Inspiration

Chapter 9: Go Sightseeing

There will be times where all is going wrong and you may feel really lost. There will also be times where life is testing you really hard and difficulties are as regular in your life as breathing. You have to understand one thing about this life. Nothing is guaranteed. I know seeing many successful people make it easy to think that they didn’t have any hard times but I guarantee you this, the bigger the accomplishment, the bigger the chance they had to take. Those times, when all seems to be lost, are when you may have to dig in and do some real soul searching. Where you are during this time may feel lonely. You may feel like the most misunderstood individual in the world. You may have all the proof that your efforts aren’t making any headway. You may have to face missing your goals more than once in spite of working your butt off and being a person with great intentions.  During this mess you will have the best of all reasons to say “I did my best and it is ok to give up.” I ask you to take a step back from all the pressure and go outside. Go for a walk during the day in the sunlight and take a look at all the impossibilities all around you.

There are many things around you, that you use daily, that were created by people that as those things were being created were laughed at. These things at one time or another were “impossible” to everyone else but the person that took the risk to get it done. Take a walk outside to your nearest bridge. When was the last time you thought about it? When was the last time you were amazed by that bridge? Now look at that bridge again with this perspective. At one time in history the only way people crossed waterways was by boat.  Imagine having to take a boat every time instead of just crossing a bridge. Oh, how slow does that sound? What did a bridge do? It helped people cross over water from one land mass to another faster.  But there was a time where there were people that were against such technology. Fast-forward to the home computer; there was a time recently where people were against having a computer in their home. Wow, what does that say about your path? You will have the people that try to take away from your vision. When this happens, it is best to get outside and check out all of the things that people were told it couldn’t be done.

Skyscrapers are a great wonder. Now it seems as if they just build a building with little or no effort. It wasn’t always that way. Someone had to take a step out of their comfort zone and dream of a building that went above two floors.

When you get out into the world around you, your dreams seem possible because you are literally surrounded by dreams that have come into being by the dreamer and their team. Every business that you patron was once just an idea on a piece of paper. Really take a few moments to look at the world like this. Look at all the books in the bookstore. Someone took a chunk of time out of their lives to get that into print. They are people just like you and me that had a dream and got it done.

Your inspiration doesn’t have to be something so profound that you get lost thinking about it. Keep it simple. Look at the things around you and create a mental picture of understanding that there was a person at one time with a dream, and now it is there right in front of you.

This is a part of a chapter from my book Learning Curve: How to Prepare For Success When You Don’t Know Where Your Life Is Going by Pierce Brunson. Every Monday and Thursday for the next 12 weeks I will share parts of the book starting today 3/17/2014.  The next shares will come from my new book Rock The Crowd (Wednesday/ Friday Schedule starting 4/21/2014), a book that helps teachers give the best performances of their life as they teach their students.

Learning Curve: How To Prepare for Success When You Don’t Know Where Your Life Is Going is dedicated to helping the high school student that desires success in life but doesn’t know exactly what they want to do or how to do it.  During this confusing and stressful time most students just pick a college major or get a job and just hope things work out. Well, that strategy is terrible!  The best strategy includes learning and adding the characteristics in this book to one’s personality so that as the right opportunities come along the student can take hold of them.  Learning Curve is the jumpstart information that helps teens prevent a lifetime of wishing, “if only someone would have told me”, once valuable opportunities have gone away.

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