Thinking vs. Believing by Pierce Brunson

Thinking vs. Believing by Pierce Brunson

On my walk this morning I was faced with realizing that my life was, again, at a turning point. There is nothing like starting a business and working it but there is also nothing like starting a lifestyle and working it. Within the last few months my thoughts have moved from career to lifestyle in such a way that there seems to be another mass of information I need to process in order to fully understand my journey.

This morning I was thinking about my actions and what I believed about my abilities. As I am moving into the motivational speaking for high schools part of my lifestyle change I have been challenged on my beliefs (since kids can sense BS). I believe in my mission but there are times where thinking gets in the way. I have noticed that there are distinct differences between thinking and believing.

1. Thinking is easy to mold and shape like clay. Beliefs are very concrete and require a destruction of their foundation to change. This is why it takes people, including myself, to make the right changes for our life (even when the thoughts of what to do show up).

2. Thinking the same thing over time solidifies our beliefs even if we don’t realize the small bits of bad information are hardening to our belief system. Like barnacles or plaque we don’t notice until it is too late.

3. We have more power over our thinking very early in our lives than we believe. This is why kids are ready to take on the world at a young age, the belief of failure hasn’t taken hold yet. I believe we need to help students fight this negative thought building before it sets in.

4. You have to surround yourself with life thinkers if you want to change. This is why high school is so powerful. Every adult there is rooting on kids and willing to work with the students to see them succeed/ graduate. Even if you have a not so great home life school is a refuge for so many. The reason is that high school is all about being and achieving success (graduation). The world after graduation isn’t so supportive. You have to FIND the right people to get support while being the right person to give support.

5. Thinking my shape us but belief causes our actions. We only act on our belief system. Point blank, period. As the saying goes “Whether you can or can’t, both are equally true.”

Take some time this week to think and challenge your thinking about yourself and start to remove thought plaque from your belief system. You will have to do some work but you will find that a positive belief system is what you have always desired. Share, comment, follow.

I will start a video series on Thinking vs. Believing for high school students on 4/10/2014 on my YouTube page here


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