Championship Mentality Part 1 by Pierce Brunson

Do we expect success or to be a champion?  Do we strive to do our best or do we have to do our best.  How does one person become a champion and others have to settle for second place?  As a student in high school does this mentality mean anything to you?  Do you see signs within yourself where you have strong thoughts that drive your action?  Is it a consistent drive or do you let it go and do something of less value?  As a high school student your goal is to know the difference and decide what is right for you.

My understanding of the championship mentality starts with accepting the lifestyle that is associated with it.  Becoming a champion includes sacrifices that others just wont do.  It means taking your talent to the top of the particular “game” you are playing.  It means giving your all, and then some, to become the best while taking on all challengers.

Championship mentality is a 4 part series.  Let know what you think.

Video: Championship Mentality Part 1.



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