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Pierce Brunson 2013

There has always been this burning desire within me to do something great with my life.  I didn’t have to be this popular icon I just had to be involved in something that made me want to sleep less and act more.  I have found it throughout my years of searching.  At this point in my life I still have this burning desire to help improve the atmosphere of America’s public schools.

I love high school. I love that we have some of the best places our students can go on a daily basis where they are safe and there are people in front of them every hour that care about them.  My desire is to give support to those students and teachers so that they can continue to improve their home.

The four years students spend in high school are the last ones where they are guaranteed protection and education.  After that you have to do battle in the real world.  If people believe our schools are failing and they aren’t doing anything then they are part of the problem.  For me I desire to be a big part of the solution.

I don’t know why this fire burns inside of me but it does.  I just published my first book on January 21, 2014 which is called Learning Curve: How to Prepare for Success When You Don’t Know Where Your Life Is Going (https://www.createspace.com/4626501). I understand that the book is a great accomplishment but I also realize that I am able to step up my actions and become an even greater influence for high school students and teachers.

Thanks to all of my former students. All of you inspired me to become a better teacher. Thanks to everyone that supports me.  I am looking forward to continued success, more dynamic publications, excellent results, and improved conditions for America’s high school students and teachers.

I am Pierce Brunson and I make the high school experience more valuable, rewarding, and memorable for students and teachers through valuable product and service creation.


Keep pushing until you can voice, with superhero like confidence, what you believe you were put on this earth to do. 

My Motivating Statement:

When I was going through my transition I listened to this verse at least 5 times a day.  It motivated me to be real with myself and get my butt in gear.  I don’t think there has been a more motivating quote in my life.

I’ma be all the way real with this, look
When I came into the game they ain’t do nothing but doubt me
Now the whole game’s changed and it ain’t nothing without me
Picking up my sloppy seconds as they reach for the crown
Only reason you on that song is cause I turned that down
I went from Hot Wheels to big wheels, Hyundais to Bentleys
And five course meals, no more Popeye’s and Blimpie’s
From alright to handsome, from one room to mansions
From hanging on the block to throwing parties in the Hamptons
From, broke as a joke to rich as a b#$%h, I bought a
plane and a boat and six other whips, no MARTA
From dice on the curb to stacking up chips, but harder
From birds on my nerves to chicks on my D$#@! Guard your
women dawg I went from ashy to classy
Went from a, kiss on the cheek to doing the nasty
Reach your hand up in the air and you can play with the stars
It’s not the hand that you’re dealt but how you’re playing your cards


Some people like quotes from presidents, I like Luda!

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All sites will reflect and express my personal beliefs.  Follow with care!  Like it? Comment then share!



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